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Carol Thompson's art career began as a child in Wisconsin where she sketched her surroundings, entered local art contests, did artwork for school publications and dreamed of one day becoming a "famous artist". It was not until 1971, after being married and having a family, that she ventured into watercolor and oil painting. At this time, she began studying and experimenting with these media and with various subjects to include landscapes, marinescapes, portraits, florals, and still-lifes using realistic, semi-abstract, and impressionistic styles.

While spending several years observing the Northwest beaches, Carol Thompson developed a fascination for the sea. Early in 1978, all of her efforts became dedicated to this one subject. The ocean had become a part of her soul. She became adept at conveying the illusion of light, depth, and movement on canvas. "I paint as realistically as I can," she says, "using a variety of strokes and tools, from smooth brushwork in the sky to heavy palette knife on the rocks. Manipulating light, middle and dark values in the translucent areas, and blending color with a soft brush, gives the effect of light shining through the waves. I use light against dark, warm against cool, and soft and hard edges to heighten the dramatic effect of waves, rocks, sky, and smooth waters."

As she spends more time observing the sea, she has been incorporating more of its surroundings into her paintings. First the sea birds, mostly seagulls, began appearing in her work. Then lighthouses, the guardians of the sea, would appear in the distance, then as close-ups (she joined the U.S. Lighthouse Society to support restoration of these beacons). Tug boats, a beached buoy, a little girl on the beach, and a fishing float have all been focal points in her paintings. Now, in addition to all these other subjects, kiting has become a major influence in her work. Carol is an avid kite flier. As a member of the Kite Trade Association and other kite flyers groups, she encourages and supports kiting as an exciting and fun hobby.

Investment can be a consideration in the purchase of Carol Thompson's artwork. She has been included in the "Contemporary Western Artists" book, which recognizes her work as investment quality. She has been honored with feature articles in "Southwest Art" and "Stepping Out" magazines. Her original oil paintings and limited edition prints are in private and public collections throughout the world.

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